Monday, 14 November 2016

The Scions of Erasmus - Painted!

Getting paint on models is usually something of a small miracle here at the Castle, and playing with a fully painted force, virtually unheard of. However, I have been pushing myself to get my Warband for Mordheim painted, and lo, this passed weekend it has been achieved!

My Averlander warband, The Scions of Erasmus, consists of a Captain, a Sergeant, two Bergjaegers, a Young Blood, four Moutainguard, two Marksmen, and three Halflings. They are quite an archery focused warband, and I have found them a lot of fun to play.

I have managed to play about half a dozen or so games now, and the campaign is in full swing with multiple games played every club night. There are about 7 or 8 warbands involved in the campaign, and it has been an absolute blast.

In any case, on with the painted figures! First off are the latest and final addition, my Henchmen group of Halflings.




The Scions of Erasmus...

Young Blood, Captain, Sergeant





In all I am extremely happy with how they turned out. I was nervous about painting the yellow and the black, but overall I'm thrilled with the results. The miniatures I used (Perry Miniatures plastics), were great to work with and a joy to paint. Makes me want to grab some more, but I'll need to go looking for a game to play them in!


  1. Oh, they look awesome Giles ;) I really like how the faces and the yellow colour turned out :-)

    1. Thanks Piotr! I was worried about the yellow - but am happy with these attempts. Thank you to those vloggers and bloggers who put up tutorials! :D

  2. Nice work ☺ as I remembering bergjaegers can have crossbows if they have shoting weapon expert skill ;)

    1. Mine are equipped with Longbows at the moment, but the miniatures had crossbows, so I left them be rather than convert them (laziness). :)