Monday, 7 November 2016

Some Painting Complete, for Mordheim...

Well, after a long hiatus, I managed to scrape the thick layer of dust that had accumulated on my brushes off, and get some painting done. I set a goal at the start of the year to get a little bit of painting done every month. Well, there have only been a few months in which I have managed it, and most of the year has been paint free. My original goal was to paint a squadron a month, and I am probably taking as much time to do a couple of my Mordheim figures as I would on a squadron for Dystopian Wars, so given counting it this way, my efforts to match my goal haven't been too bad, but that may be stretching definitions.

In any case, my focus this last week or so has been on my Averlander Mordheim Warband, and I may well have them painted by the time the Mordheim league here is over (that sounds about right for my painting).

Here is what I have managed to get done so far...

(A little less than half of) The Scions of Erasmus...

Captain Bertolf of Grenzstadt

Sergeant Dietmar

Youngblood Wenczel

Mountainguard Ortolf

Mountainguard Viet

Mountainguard Adolfus

Mountainguard Agilulf

Well, that's what I have managed so far. I have my two Bergjagers and two Marksmen with some rough base colours on them (mainly greens and browns), and my halflings waiting for attention. I am hoping to have them all done in the next week or so, it would be nice to play with a fully painted warband!


  1. Great job, nice details and splendid colors!

  2. Thanks Phil! I was nervous about painting yellow, and while I have a lot of improvement to make, I am very happy with how they came out!

  3. Nothing to worry about with the yellow and white colours Giles :) They came out really well :)

    1. Thanks mate, I'm really happy with how they came out. Though I was certainly nervous about ruining them!