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Gaming Podcasts 

(in alphabetical order):

A podcast by Mark Jackson and a variety of co-hosts.  Boardgames to Go is an irregular podcast which manages to cover a range of interesting topics and ideas and does so intelligently and engagingly.  Mark tends to favour euro-games, but it is the different topics discussed that makes this a podcast I enjoy listening to.  

Probably the podcast for the board gaming hobby, Tom Vasel and Eric Summerer are the inestimable hosts of this evergreen show.  In fact the Dice Tower, with its litany of video reviews, its network which seems to be bent on taking over the world (in a good way) and general steadfastness is probably more of an institution than a simple show.  Truth be told I don’t watch video reviews, and I only listen to a handful of the shows on the Dice Tower network (not because they lack quality, but simply because I lack time), but nonetheless The Dice Tower stands tall as the triumphant monolith whose shadow touches all other gaming podcasts.

The Dice Tower is more of a variety show than most others, with a range of contributors from around the world (myself an occasional example).  This variety, along with their focus on what’s happening in the world of gaming and the weekly Top Ten lists, make for an excellent show.  Tom and Eric are affable and enjoyable hosts, and it’s all around an excellent look at the world of board games.

How can I not list my own humble podcast in amongst this list of gaming podcasts?  Donald Dennis and I discuss gaming from the point of view of the classroom and the library.  I’ll leave it to any listeners to pass judgement on whether we do any good, but we try.

A thoroughly engaging and in-depth discussion on some very interesting topics by the ever amazing Geoff Engelstein and ever popular Ryan Sturm.  Topics are discussed in some depth, with plenty of math and science thrown in to back it all up.  A very interesting listen!

Neil Shuck is the usual voice on Meeples and Miniatures, though for the last little while he’s also been joined by some regular-ish co-hosts in Rich Jones and Mike Hobbs.  Neil also regularly interviews publishers (predominantly of miniatures wargames), and has in-depth discussions on the games they are releasing.

Meeples and Miniatures is one of the only podcasts that manages to cover both the world of board gaming and the world of miniatures gaming.  In fact, Neil’s sultry tones are probably one of the reasons I’ve got back into collecting and painting miniatures at all.  Discussions are usually long and in-depth, but the banter keeps everything light and enjoyable.  Not a podcast for everybody perhaps, but I certainly look forward to each episode.  I like the fact Meeples and Miniatures covers a range of rules sets and game types, too many podcast on miniatures gaming tend to focus on one or two games, but Neil does a great job of discussing a breadth.  Well worth a listen.

Probably a personal favourite, and not because I am an occasional contributor.  Donald Dennis and Erik Dewey (along with a rotating third chair in Scott Nicholson’s absence) manage to cover a range of interesting topics to a good depth.  Don and Erik are industry veterans, who know of of what they speak, so to say.  This provides some experience and perspective that is rich, layered and different from most of the other podcasts out there.

Each episode is characterised by a ‘round table’ discussion on a particular topic, and followed by a variety of game reviews.  In my opinion it is one of the very best gaming podcasts out there - and yes I am biased.  Nonetheless, the discussions on this podcast, surrounding the round table topic, are some of the best and most interesting topical discussions on any gaming podcast I’ve listened to - well worth subscribing in my view.

View from the Veranda is a spin off series from the Meeples and Miniatures podcast, it’s a very occasional conversation between Neil Shuck and Henry Hyde.  This podcast is most certainly not one for everybody, but Neil and Henry manage to take a topic, veer off course, sometimes wildly, and keep it interesting and enjoyable.  This podcast really is topical, and always centered around miniatures gaming.  Long, occasionally rambling (in a good way), and something that almost touches on boutique - if such a term could be applied to a podcast.  Nonetheless I like the general light humour and personalities of the two hosts, and their discussions are interesting and enjoyable.

Over the years I've subscribed to a great many more gaming podcasts than the humble and short list that is here.  These are simply the ones I subscribe to at the moment - and since I change my subscriptions regularly, one or two may disappear, one or two may be added...

Other great gaming podcasts: The D6 Generation, The Spiel, Garett's Games and Geekiness, Happy Happy Board Game Love In (amusing but defunct), Into the Gamescape, The Little Metal Dog Show, and too many more to mention!


History Podcasts

Here are some of the history podcasts I enjoy:

12 Byzantine Rulers

A podcast by Lars Brownworth, each episode covers the reign of various Byzantine monarchs, and from beginning to end manages to neatly encapsulate the history of the fascinating Byzantine empire.  Lars Brownworth presents his podcast well, it is obviously well scripted and listens much like a documentary series.  I understand it draws strongly on the book by John Julius Norwich, but 12 Byzantine Rulers also manages to stand on its own as a fascinating ride through the history of one of the great empires of antiquity.

Ancient Warfare Magazine podcast

A conversational podcast where a group of experts talk about specific events or subjects, whether it be the Summerian military, or the disaster of the Teutoburg forest.  The Ancient Warfare magazine podcast occasionally meander off into the realms of minutia, but is an interesting if infrequent listen in its own right.

The History of the World in 100 Objects

Neil MacGregor, director of the British Museum gives a glimpse into the history of humanity via the intermediaries of the objects they left behind.  Each episode covers a single object, and gives a brief glimpse of the culture and world that was its context.  An interesting podcast, and Neil’s style is certainly enjoyable and idiosyncratic, but too often it is but a shallow glance - episodes are short and sweet.

In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg

Probably one of my favourite podcasts of this category, Melvyn can ride the direction of the conversation too hard at times; there are moments when listening that I would love to stop the panel and ask them to give a bit more detail.  Despite this mild criticism In Our Time is a highly enjoyable podcast covering an eclectic mix of topics, events, personalities and circumstances in history.  Well worth a listen.  I downloaded the back catalogue and this managed to keep my mind occupied while I painted our son’s room - very much recommended.

Norman Centuries

Norman Centuries is the second series of history podcasts by Lars Brownworth.  Again following the trail of John Julius Norwich, Lars this time tackles the history of the Normans.  Each episode is centered around one ruler, but may cover more than their single rule.  It is an excellent and highly enjoyable listen, about a time and a culture that I find quite interesting.  Lars, as in 12 Byzantine Rulers, is a solid presenter, and his scripting for each episode engaging and interesting.  One of my favourites - if only there were more such podcast series!


Science and Technology Podcasts:

All in the Mind

All in the mind is a podcast covering a rather eclectic mix of topics to do with psychology and neuroscience.  The show is well presented, and each episode deals with a specific topic, such as shared memory, or the science of compassion.  All in the Mind is an enjoyable and interesting listen.

Dr Karl’s Great Moments in Science

A very brief podcast, with each episode featuring Dr Karl discussing some tidbit, whether from current scientific research or an important breakthrough or discovery in the history of science.  It’s an extremely quick glance at each topic, but rather engaging nonetheless.

The Infinite Monkey Cage

The two hosts, Robin Ince and Brian Cox are usually joined by a panel of 3 others to discuss a topic.  The show manages to encapsulate a lively, interesting and humourous discussion within a relatively short time-frame.  The Infinite Monkey Cage is recorded in series, and episodes are highly enjoyable.  This is probably one of my favourite podcasts, not just of this category, but of all the podcasts I listen to.  It manages to maintain both a humourous approach to discussion, as well as covering some fascinating areas for discussion.  Brian and Robin work well together to provide a witty and intelligent banter, and their guests are a mix of experts and comedians/non-experts, and the mix works very well.

A thoroughly excellent show; not for those who avidly follow their star sign, or suspect their might be fairies at the bottom of their garden, but a wonderful podcast.

Planetary Radio

A podcast hosted by Matt Caplan of the Planetary Society.  Planetary Radio discusses the news and goings on in the world of space exploration, with a variety of segments from other members of the Planetary Society.  It’s an interesting, and each episode is a light and enjoyable listen.

StarStuff with Stuart Gary

Probably my favourite podcast that relates to astronomy, and I’ve listened to a few.  Stuart manages to cover the news of what’s going on in space exploration and astronomy mixing a good deal of information into a digestible and enjoyable package.  All in all it’s a fantastic show for those with an interest in the world of space exploration or the scientific discoveries that relate to our universe.  Well recommended.

StarTalk Radio Show

StarTalk Radio is the question time section of the StarTalk radio show with Neil deGrasse Tyson.  This show is both about the information it presents, and the personality of it’s main host - Neil deGrasse Tyson.  Neil manages to cover his topics extremely well, with a good dose of humour and flair.  Highly enjoyable.

This Week in Tech

This Week in Tech, with Leo LaPorte and a variety of guest panelists, is a podcast covering all the news of the tech world, from start ups to the big companies.  The discussion is lively and enjoyable.  The mixture of expert panelists makes for some interesting discussion, insights and analysis of the goings-on in the world of technology.  It’s a longer show, but nonetheless, very enjoyable to listen to.

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