Thursday, 10 November 2016

Averlander Reinforcements...

Well, this is a real turn up for the books, I have managed to get some more painting done. Along with the election of Trump, I'm sure this unforeseen jump in my painting productivity is somehow linked to the End Of Times (TM).

I have managed to complete four more members of my Averlander Warband, as well as get a bunch of games in - which has been great fun.

The two on the left are Bergjaegers, while the two on the right are Marksmen

Bergjaeger: Gislerus

Bergjaeger: Hildiger

Marksman: Albrecht

Marksman: Oswald

It has also been a lot of fun seeing so many games being played at the local club. I have managed to get two or three games in recently, and have been having a lot of fun seeing my warband grow and develop.

One of the club games - Carnival of Chaos vs a Vampire warband...

Another club game feature stout Dwarves against Skaven...

My Averlanders waiting behind this church for the enemy to advance...

My Bergjaegers take a bead on a particularly large enemy Troll...

My Halflings on the right flank looked in trouble as Orcs and Goblins moved down, my Sergeant, Captain and a Mountainguard moved in to refuse the line as the Halflings moved back. There was quite a battle on this flank shortly afterwards with my Averlanders lucky to come through.

4Ground scenery is amazing...

Playing against the Carnival of Chaos... They had to break through, and I had the advantage of placing my archers in high scattered positions. Missile fire dominated this game, and I managed a few lucky shots that swung it my way.

Lots of fun had by all. It's funny how over the progress of games, by dint of both careful painting and the campaign development of the Warband that you get quite attached to your force. I'm nearly through the painting, all that remains now for my Averlanders is my group of three halflings. To be honest I am quite looking forward to painting them, and very much looking forward to being able to put a fully painted force on the table!

After the painting is complete, I have some scenery to assemble...


  1. Hi Giles, just found your blog. I recently dug Mordheim out of storage so I'm hoping to play some games of it again soon.

    That 4Ground stuff looks pretty ideal for it, but I would love to give the buildings a more 'realistic' weathered paint job - would they take paint well do you think (they're just MDF aren't they)?

    1. Yes they are just MDF. They'd take paint no problems I think. If I was going to down the road of painting them, I'd consider some cheaper MDF terrain and start from scratch, although the 4Ground stuff is very well done and has a great aesthetic (imo).

      If it was just adding some weathering effects - rust etc, then I think 4Ground would work perfectly.

      I should add, we are using your Mordheim player aides, and they are brilliant. So thanks for that! :)

  2. Very pleased to hear someone's finding them useful. :)