Monday, 24 October 2016

Getting ready to plunder Mordheim...

We recently wrapped up an Infinity slow-grow tournament/league at the local club... well I say we wrapped it up, with circumstance playing the way it did I didn't get to participate as much as I would have liked, but from what little I did, I had a lot of fun.

Flushed with success from the Infinity event, for which we had a good number of participants, the organiser (Quinton), set upon the task of discerning what sort of event he would like to run next. A discussion was held between various club members, and the two most popular choices were between a Dystopian Wars campaign and a Mordheim campaign.

In the end we opted for Mordheim, a campaign based skirmish game spun off the success of GW's Necromunda and set in the Old World, the dark and gritty setting of Warhammer Fantasy Battles (Dystopian will probably be next).

I've never played Mordheim, but I have played a fair bit of Necromunda, which I regard to be one of Games Workshop's finest games. Given my appreciation for Necromunda (which I admit may be tinged with nostalgia), I'm looking forward to Mordheim, and that's despite not having played anything from GW for nearly 20 years. The element that I love most about these games is the story, Necromunda managed to create a narrative around your gang, and as many things of interest took place outside the game table and on it. Your gang grew and developed with experience, and gained new items and equipment as their prospects waxed and waned. I am very much looking forward to charting the same experience with my Mordheim Warband!

Speaking of which... in the end I decided to run with a warband of Averlanders, because, well mainly because they get Halflings. I sold off or gave away all my GW stuff years ago, so casting about for some suitable miniatures I fell upon the Perry brother's line of plastics. I opted for a box of 1450-1500AD European Mercenaries, and wow, are they nice models. Although in retrospect I may have gone with a different box (more archers and swordsmen, fewer spears), I am really happy with the quality of the miniatures, with separate heads, arms and weapons, the miniatures present a lot of different options, certainly enough for me to pull together a Warband with men to spare...

While not terribly clear in these photos, the detail and quality of these plastics is excellent, and although (as I said above), had I known I would be running an Averlander Warband, I may have chosen a different box, I am very happy with these. They are well proportioned, and have great expression. A little bit of plastic glue and they go together with no worries. 

With some sage advice from more experienced players (read: people who have read the rules), I ended up creating a warband of the following:

  • Captain with sword, shield and dagger.
  • Sergeant with sword, shield and dagger.
  • 2x Bergjaeger's with Longbow (crossbows on the miniatures) and dagger.
  • Youngblood with sword, shield and dagger.
  • 3x Mountainguard with swords, shields and daggers.
  • 3x Halflings with bows and daggers.
I'm still waiting on the Halflings to arrive, but the rest of the warband are assembled and ready for action!

Captain and Sergeant

Fierce... and ready to go a-hunting warpstone...

I have some 20mm square bases on the way, and while I would love to paint these guys, I am reasonably confident that they will stay a rather innocuous gray tone for all eternity. We shall see...

Now, I need to read the rules and get in a practice game before the campaign kicks off!

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