Friday, 28 October 2016

Back to basics...

A recent order arrived with the wrong sized bases. Curses. Rather than 20mm squares the bases I received were 40mm, and with time pressing due to the start of our local Mordheim league in a couple of days, I needed to find another solution. Casting about for alternatives, I rested in the end on some small ceramic tiles. These are about 19mm square, heavy (good for the light plastic miniatures), and cheap. I got a square of what appears to be a billion for about $5.

Starting soon, our league will have 7 or so players and a good mix of warbands. I am looking forward to it immensely.

Perry Miniatures... very nice!

The wrong bases! Curse you Chaos Gods! The men of Averland will not put up with such things!

These are the tiles. While not exactly 20mm (and quite thick), they are at least, about the right size.

A gajillion for a small number of copper coins at the local Hardware Shoppe

With one side a high gloss, I was worried about the ability of PVA to hold basing material to it. I opted to glue the miniature to the underside of the tile instead...

All based up and no-where to go.

Using a metal toolbox for transport, I wanted to be able to store these in a similar fashion to my other miniatures. I sliced a fridge magnet into 20mm squares and super-glued them to the glossy underside of each base. Once the glue had dried, I roughly beveled the edges of the magnet.

I have to admit I thought the ceramic tiles may be too heavy for a humble fridge magnet, but strength can be found in the most unlikely places - Frodo Baggins and Sam Gamgee taught me that.

You would never know that hiding beneath that base is a magnet!

Roughly sliced back, nearly lost a finger doing this.

The plastic molded base gets a light dusting of sand...

Lots of PVA and more sand later I filled around the plastic base... they look pretty reasonable in person, even if my daughters cereal doesn't.
Well, they are based. I am waiting now on my halfling miniatures, and will proxy some figures in the meantime. Overall I am pretty happy with the bases, they should come up nicely with some paint (if I manage to get to it)!

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