Friday, 21 October 2016

First real learning game...

I've played a couple of games of the basic scenario in the starter set, the one with 4 Heavy Gears a side. While this does a solid job of teaching you the basics of the dice system (something I was already familiar with due to the RPG), it doesn't really give you a good picture of the game - which is multi-layered and rich with detail.

With plans for a larger game (150 TV - the standard game size), I really struggled to put together the army. I felt that while I roughly knew the rules, I still didn't have a handle on how all the gears and levers affected one another in game. I was also stuck by the fact that the models will be glued together, and as such, locked into whatever role or load-out I selected for them.

The buildings are from Spartan Games (their Planetfall range).

It was good to actually get a solid sized force of models to the table, and it was really my first learning game.

For those who know the game my force was:

PU - UA - GP (32TV)
·         Hunter
·         Hunter
·         Hunter Gunner
·         Assault Hunter
·         Headhunter

PU - UA - SK (45TV)
·         Thunder Jaguar (CO)
·         Arrow Jaguar
·         Flash Jaguar
·         Flash Jaguar

SU - RC (7TV)
·         Wild Ferret

PU - UA - FS (48TV)
·         Chaingun Kodiak
·         Grizzly
·         Thunder Grizzly

SU - RC (16TV)
·         Ferret
·         White Cat Cheetah

Smoke x1

The first turn was slow as we referenced skill points, orders, ECM, Indirect Fire and other sub-sets of the rule system. I'm still not 100% on the rules for some of those (ECM and Indirect Fire particularly), but I am in a better place than I was. With so many layers and interactions I feel like I'm looking at the game through a fog, but thankfully it is clearing.

My force was completely ripped to shreds by the Southern force, I just couldn't get myself into a good position, and poorly used the Recon Units and their ECM capabilities. But, despite that, I had a blast. The rules are starting to become clearer, and I feel more confident in putting together the rest of my force now I have a better handle on what a game looks and feels like. My list above is going to change, I'm going to scrap the Support Units and create a fuller Recon Unit as Primary, and if enough points allow, throw a Ferret or two in for good measure. I know I'll be adjusting the Hunter Unit, and was relatively happy with my Strike and Fire Support guys, though I'll be using the Fire Support differently next time.

I'm still not confident I can put together a good game plan, but I'm pretty sure the next game will get me closer to understanding how all the pieces fit together. It was a lot of fun, and I am very much looking forward to playing again!

Responding Snap Fire crippled this Flash Jaguar...

Making the most of the Lasers...

Good use of ECM by my opponent and continued use of Area Effect rockets fired Indirectly eventually wrecked most of these guys.
I didn't get a photo of the end (well, where we called it due to time), but my force was fairly well in tatters! Still, there is tomorrow...

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