Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Covenant Plato Cruisers

Well, I've finally finished the Plato Cruisers for my Covenant of Antarctica fleet for Dystopian Wars.  Thanks to the blistering pace set by my brother I've felt under all sorts of pressure to get paint to model, and good thing too probably - otherwise they'd still be languishing in their tawdry undercoat, hoping for that happy day when they would be painted to arrive...

Here's a bit of a walkthrough from start to finish...

And now the final wash and highlighting has been completed:

I still have a multitude of small turrets to paint for them, and of course the two big models to round out what I have so far, but I think it's all coming along nicely!

I might add that these sculpts, from Spartan Games (of course), are absolutely fantastic - very detailed, well thought out and, I think, stylish.


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