Friday, 17 May 2013


The last model from the Covenant of Antarctica base fleet set has now been painted.  The last of these was the Aristotle class Battleship.

I'm very glad to have finished it, and am very happy with how the fleet has come together.  Now to get them to the table...

This shows what the Aristotle looks like when it uses its Wave Lurker MAR.  This special ability allows the Battleship to semi-submerge, reducing it's profile and opening the opportunity to hide behind other ships or terrain that it would not have been able to otherwise.

I'm very happy with how the whole set has come up:

Now I have the Epicurus to paint... and decide which of what I'm going to be grabbing next from Spartan!  I'm looking at more Covenant (of course), perhaps a British fleet, and most certainly I want to find a place for an Australian fleet (recently announced).


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