Friday, 26 April 2013

Testing Diogenes...

Since getting my starter fleet for the Covenant of Antarctica, and playing our first game of Dystopian Wars, I both absolutely love the game, and was for the longest time absolutely stuck on where to begin painting.

Not long ago I started to wonder what a white-toned fleet would look like.  It would be thematic, and should look good in contrast with a blue sea board.  The only problem is that I have never really painted white tones before.

Never one to let a task obviously beyond my skill deter me from an attempt, I finally put paint to model in an attempt to see what I could do.

The base coat of what I thought would be a very close-to-white creamy colour resulted in a model much more yellow and far from white than I had originally envisaged.  At this point I simply decided to run with it and see what the outcome would be.

I layered some white over the top in a drybrush and then highlighted – again in white.  It was then the details – and I should add that it’s really only when you have paintbrush in hand that you realise how minutely detailed these models are.  Very finely detailed!  I painted the bronze pipes, steel and windows, and finally game the model a wash.  I was originally going to run with a brighter cleaner white and a blue wash, but after my base-coat it was clear that a blue wash might add in too many tones, so I ran with a watered down black wash, and then highlighted with white on the top of that.  In the pictures here the engines are still unpainted – they will be green, reflecting the use of Sturginium – the magic element that has changed the 18th century irrevocably (according to the background of Dystopian Wars).

After all is said and done I am actually quite happy with the model – the scheme is simple, but I think it stands in fine contrast to the table surface.  It also allows the simple details to pop out.  Now for the rest of the fleet…


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