Thursday, 25 April 2013

A road to nowhere...

One of the small side projects I had on my list recently was to finish off some cobbled/paved roads for use in Song of Blades and Heroes and any other of the larger scale games I have waiting to hit the table.  A little while ago I bought some Gale Force Nine static grass to use on the hills I was making, and decided to add a pack of ABS Plastic sheets in as well - these are moulded with a brick or stone pattern, and come in a variety of styles.  I think the one I ended up getting was 1mm by 4mm sized bricks.

Really this one was simple - I wasn't planning on doing too much detail - cut the sheets into strips, undercoat them black, then drybrush 3 layers of gray over the top - from darker to lighter and heavily to lightly.

I wan't wowed by the result, the key reason being I used rather an old and stiff brush for the drybrushing, which left streaks indicating the direction of the brush strokes.  In retrospect I would have used a softer bristle brush - but oh well - they don't look too bad and are certainly serviceable!
Ready to cut.

Sliced at a width of about 48mm.
Undercoated and ready for the final drybrushing.

Drybrushing completed, roads done.  I could give them a dark wash before varnishing - but I think this will do.


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