Thursday, 12 July 2012

Mr. Wooster and Jeeves...

Thanks to the intervention of my wonderful brother, I have discovered Jeeves and Wooster, the inestimable creations of P. G. Wodehouse.  Bertie Wooster: the perfect fop.  Jeeves: his rational sidekick and the very architecture of deus ex machina made character. The various concerns of this pair, the plots and schemes over problems of gentlemanly import, are a source of great amusement.

The writing is gentle and easy to enjoy, the characters affable and the plots are amusing and engaging.  Bertie’s observations and consternations, not to mention his continual obsessions with the frivolous (hats, suits, moustaches etc) are in sharp contrast to the very able, rational and worldly Jeeves.  Bertie’s outrage at the trivial happenings in his circle of acquaintances, his foolish scheming and consequential tricky jams serve as opportunities for Jeeves to demonstrate his capability to resolve and navigate the general mess of Bertie’s problems.

It is not deep literature in many ways, and while it may be a cliche to write it: these books are perfectly charming and engaging.  Jeeves and Wooster are a pair of characters and collection of stories that are wonderfully crafted to be both light and airy, and at the same time sprinkled with witty observations, comments and situations.  Currently I am reading ‘Carry on Jeeves’ - a collection of very likeable short stories concerning a variety of adventures of Jeeves and Wooster.  Perfectly long enough to enjoy while my dear new daughter slips quietly into a slumber.  Well recommended.


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  1. Really glad you are loving the Jeeves and Wooster. I can't get enough of it hehe.