Friday, 22 April 2016

Light Frigates and Painting Goals

My goal at the start of the year for painting was a lofty one: to paint a squadron a month. But so far I have managed to maintain it... we are in April and four Squadrons have been painted...

And the latest to be added to the complete pile, Light Frigates from the Firestorm Taskforce boxed set:

Pretty simple paint jobs, but good enough for the table in my view. The question is, why these models? These are Dindrenzi Light Frigates, and much of my Firestorm Collection are Terran ships.

My son has been wanting to paint and play with some of the miniatures I had laying around the place. I thought Taskforce looked like a good place to start, so I grabbed a couple of boxes and let him pick which force he liked the look of. He chose Terrans, which is why I started with the Dindrenzi. He had a ball!


  1. They look superb. I really love the black/red contrast.

    1. Thanks Piotr! I like that scheme too. I think it works (though perhaps ham-fistedlyy) because of the small size of these models. I'm not sure how I'll go when I tackle the larger ships!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Phil! Hopefully the simple scheme will work on the larger ships as well. We shall see!