Thursday, 7 November 2013

Element 270...

Some exciting news...

Several gamers here in Australia and myself have been planning a new podcast dedicated to Dystopian Wars, a fantastic miniatures game by Spartan Games.


While the idea started as just a podcast, we are excited to announce a multi-author blog, in addition to a podcast.  We're in the early stages at the moment, and it will be a few weeks before the podcast is launched, we have started work on what we hope will become an interesting blog site, and will eventually also be the home of our podcast - Element 270.

Each episode we will run through a couple of segments ranging through such topics as:

  • Upcoming releases
  • Nation backgrounds/setting
  • Rumours
  • Focus on a model/size class/area of the game/tactic/use of squadron etc
  • Listener feedback and questions
  • Scenario ideas, recommendations, suggestions
  • Modelling segment - paints, painting, making terrain etc.
  • Battle reports
  • Web resource reviews/highlights
  • Special guests

We're hoping that, over time, other fans of the game will jump in and consider becoming authors on Element 270, or submitting audio if they are so inclined.

If you're a Dystopian Wars fan, or a fan of Armoured Clash or Dystopian Legions, and are interested in contributing, head to the About page on Element 270, and drop us a line!


Oh - and for those of you kind enough to ask about the other podcast I run with Donald Dennis: Games in Schools and Libraries - we ran into some troubles aligning our schedules with changes in times dues to day light savings and so on.  Happily, we have found a time we can both manage and still stay sane, we have a few episode recorded already, which will start going up again soon, and more importantly, we have a schedule... Happy times!

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