Sunday, 24 March 2013

Attracted to the Covenant...

I’ve been generally putting off actually getting any paint onto my Covenant of Antarctica ships for Dystopian Wars.  In part this has been due to the fact that I haven’t settled on a paint scheme, in part because the study is currently out of action and I’d need to cover the kitchen table (problematic to say the least), in part because I’m wanting to do a good job, and in part because if there is one skill I am master of - it’s putting things off.

One thing I have managed to do is magnetise my fleet.  The Covenant of Antarctica ships are fairly unique in that they may change their turrets from one type to another.  I could simply glue the ones I like the look of to the ships and call them what I want, but I saw a forum post over on the Spartan Games website about someone using magnets to affix the turrets - and I thought that sounded a great idea.

A quick search of eBay and I found some 3mm x 1mm rare earth magnets, these arrived earlier this week.  

3mmx1mm is, surprisingly, as small as the measurements suggest.
They were slightly larger that the holes already in the ships, but a couple of turns with a 3mm drill bit and I could comfortably sit two magnets inside the hole (so the turret sat flush with the top of ship). 

A couple of turns of the drill bit were enough.
One thing I can’t stress enough with this is to make sure you work out a system for ensuring you maintain the same polarity when glueing the magnets in - nothing could be worse than glueing a bunch of turrets up only to find that they are repelled from rather than attracted to their housings.  I kept the same polarity across all my ships - and while it was a touch annoying, it didn’t take too long in practice.  Overall I’m very happy with the results.

The magnets are surprisingly strong for their size.

Now I just need to make myself sit down and start painting!


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