Friday, 15 February 2013

The queue...

A glut of past orders has arrived on my doorstep, not piecemeal, but all n quick succession.  Mostly these are miniatures to be painted for various games, and so my painting queue has ballooned.

Here are some of the things I have lined up - and all represent projects I'd like to get done at some point in 2013...

My Covenant of Antarctica Fleet for Dystopian Wars is probably the top dog of this pile at the moment, it's the game I want to get to the table soonest.  It also represents something of a mental block, as I am really unsure of what sort of paint scheme I want to try with them.  They need to be trimmed and tidied and undercoated of course, but they are a priority... (if I can just decide on a paint scheme!)

I have about 20 more Splintered Light miniatures to go with the ones I have already painted up.

I already have about 15-20 painted and ready for use.
These are for the Song of Blades and Heroes system by Ganesha Games - a short skirmish style wargame, requiring only a handful of models per side and rather enjoyable.  I want enough to have some choices about what to field for two warbands... so I really want to get these done as well (if just so I can get a game in with the guys I have painted so far!)

Some 10mm figures have arrived from Pendraken, and they look very nice.  I got these to use with a variety of game systems - Song of Arthur and Merlin (a Song of Blades and Heroes spin off), Dux Britanniarum, Dux Bellorum, and potentially even Saga - when they release the King Arthur spin off.  These are all dark age figures, a mix of Saxons and Late Romans.  I'm looking forward to seeing how they come up, as they are rather good sculpts despite their diminutive size.

To give an idea of scale, the weasel is 20mm, the saxon spearman 10mm (this is an ahistorical set-up, the Saxons didn't fight giant weasels in any recorded conflicts)
I went with 10mm because of several reasons, they may be quicker to paint, they cost less for more figures, and importantly, they will be easier to store in numbers than a larger scale.

Lastly I have some figures for a very strange but enjoyable game from Australian company: Eureka.  This game is called Pig Tickler, it's set during an alternate and silly 19th century (known as the Pax Limpopo range) and sees English officers jousting at a mechanical pig from their perch on unicycles.  The sculpts are 28mm, very well done and as full of humour as the game.  I'm very much looking forward to getting these fine gentlemen painted as well.

Aside from the figures I have a bit of terrain I want to ut together, some forest pieces, some hills, and perhaps even a sea board for Dystopian Wars.  We shall see.

So, these are my painting and modelling goals for 2013, along with a rough run-down of the figures in my painting queue... I am optimistic but doubtful I'll get them all done, but you never know!  I could become strangely productive at some point.


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