Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Games in Schools and Libraries

Announcing ‘Games in Schools and Libraries’, THE show about board, card and digital games, and the ways in which they can find a place in the classroom or at the local library.

Donald Dennis (from the wonderful On Board Games podcast) and myself are the hosts of Games in Schools and Libraries (GSL).  Don is the young adult games and technology librarian for Georgetown county SC, and I am a teacher at St Georges Rd Primary School in Shepparton, Victoria.  

In Games and Schools and Libraries, Don and I review and talk about specific games we’ve used in our respective settings, but each episode is also themed around a particular topic.  So far we’ve recorded shows on story telling games, spatial games, game themes (and more) and we have a huge list of topics we want to cover in future episodes. We hope the listening is as enjoyable as the recording has been!

Our mission with the Games in Schools and Libraries podcast is to provide a short podcast dealing with the various issues and potentials of providing and running game based programs in libraries and schools.  The podcast will seek to inform, inspire and generate conversation around the use of games as a medium for socialisation, interaction, communication and education.  This also gives an indication as to why we are partnering up with the fantastic Games for Educators website.  These are lofty goals to be sure, but with all the podcasts out there covering the wonderful world of board, card and digital games we hoped there might be room for one more with a specific goal in mind.

The release schedule for the next month or so is designed to quickly build up a level of content.  In the next week you’ll hear 3 episodes go live - one introducing ourselves and the show, one covering board games and the last discussing digital games.  Beyond that we’ll fall back to a weekly schedule of releases for a month or two, and then back again to a fortnightly release schedule.  While this might seem scatalogical (and probably quite rightly), the aim is for us to get a quantity of content out there in the short term, and then ease back into what will be our intended rhythm (that is a show that goes out fortnightly).

If you have any questions or comments you will be able to find us over at the Games for Educators website, where the inestimable Pat has been kind enough to host our show.  You will also be able to find us in our guild over on boardgamegeek, here.  Alternatively we have an email address which we announce on our show, and we’d love to read any and all feedback.

Don and I are excited about Games in Schools and Libraries, and we hope you find it as interesting and useful as we have found it enjoyable!


Oh - and you can find the feed here.


  1. Looking forward to listening to this. Are you planning to put this up in itunes? Son't know how easy it is to do. Makes it easier to download the latest to listen to in the car!

  2. Finally got our RSS and so forth sorted - we're on iTunes. And you can find us on our website: