Friday, 25 January 2013

You're next...

I don’t think I’m alone when I suggest that many gamers, when lured into the hobby of gaming, tend to outpace their ability to play games with their rate of purchase.  Perhaps I’m one of the few, but I’ve always seemed to own more games than I have played, and therefore have a collection of games on my shelves that have yet to see the light of day (or at least the glow of the light above the game table).

There are many reasons why this ends up happening, the most common for me being opportunity - I just haven’t had the opportunity to bring some of these games to the table.

In any case - with all that said and done, these are the top 5 of my unplayed games that I want to play:

Song of Blades and Heroes

In one sense I feel like I’m being inconsistent when I add this - given I have played it, and it’s in my top ten favourite games.  What I really mean when I add Song of Blades and Heroes is that I would love to play this including rules from the supplements - Song of Gold and Darkness adds some extra rules, Song of Wind and Water adds plenty of rules for terrain and weather conditions, and Song of Deeds and Glory adds a campaign system.

I really want to make an opportunity this year to get this game to the table enough to play through a short campaign (or several), that utilises the ‘full’ rule set.  I think it would be a huge amount of fun.

Dystopian Wars

My brother and I have invested in some fleets for Dystopian Wars - a miniatures game set in a 19th century steam-punk uchronia with a fun back story and absolutely wonderful miniatures.  From what I’ve read and seen of the rules it seems an interesting system with plenty of opportunity for story, and most importantly, fun.  I'll be playing the Covenant of Antarctica by the way, and my brother the mighty Russian Coalition...

Flashing Steel/Song of Arthur and Merlin

Song of Arthur and Merlin is a spin off game from the Song of Blades and Heroes rules.  It has three modes of play, which cover a historical version of the Arthur story, the Welsh version of the Arthur story, and a cinematic version.  Sounds fun, a theme I like and a rule set that is light and enjoyable!

Flashing Steel is also a spin off of the Song of Blades and Heroes system, this time accommodating the black powder era, swashbuckling, treasure finding, and Cardinal defying action.  What has really got me excited about this game is an upcoming supplement dealing with the Scarlet Pimpernel... promises to be immeasurable fun, what!

Pax Porfiriana

The latest from the Sierra Madre stable.  A historical epic set during the ‘peace’ of Porfirio Diaz and the mexican revolution.  Not a subject I’d ever considered particularly interesting, but that was broadly because of ignorance rather than it being innately uninteresting.  Eklund manages to make some wonderful games that drip with narrative.  I’m looking forward to getting the opportunity of playing this!

Dux Britanniarum

A miniatures wargame set during the early Dark Ages and designed and published by Too Fat Lardies.  It reads like a wonderfully epic campaign system with a rules set attached, just the sort of thing I love.  Stories leap from the pages of the rules, and that's without even playing.  Very much looking forward to getting this to the table - I just need to get some miniatures first... (I'm looking at you Pendraken...)

These are the games I already own, that I’m looking most forward to getting to the table... and hopefully reducing the number of unplayed games in the process!



  1. I just received my copy of Pax Porfiriana in the mail today and I'm itching to play it, despite having 24 other unplayed games on my current list. However, I don't think I'm quite going to be ready to play it at our next session tomorrow - maybe next week.

  2. Hehehe - It's one of 'those' games - a single run through of the rules book isn't quite enough. I think I might try a solo play through before trying top introduce anyone else to the game! Looks great though - and has opened my eyes to a theme I had never considered I'd be interested in!

    1. Yes, I'm probably going to try a solo session this weekend. We actually played Friedemann Friese's Copycat which was an interesting mash-up of Dominion, Agricola and Through The Ages but felt too long for what it was - a three-player game taking well over 90 minutes.