Monday, 24 April 2017

2017 Dystopian Wars Tournament...

Well, the 2017 Shepp Minis Gamers Dystopian Wars tournament has come and gone. 25 battles across two days have been waged. It was a fantastic experience again this year, and a big thank you to all of those who attended, it was great to see you all, meet new people and have the chance to play against a range of fleets and opponents.

As one of the organizers, the tournament was, we believe, a great success, and kudos to everyone involved for playing hard but most importantly, for being good sports and friendly competitors.

A huge thank you goes to Gus, of Zepnix Wargames, for again standing up and sponsoring the weekend with prizes. Everyone involved thoroughly appreciated it, and we heartily recommend people check them out, if you don't already.

The standings after day one...

This year we had 10 participants, with a good mix of fleets. The Kingdom of Britannia, Covenant of Antarctica (x2), Republic of France, Russian Federation, Empire of the Blazing Sun, Indian Raj, Black Wolf, Chinese Federation, and Australians all had representation. It was also nice to see some of the new Battleships hit the table...

The prizes this year went to:
1st Place = Quinton, with the Black Wolf
2nd Place = Aaron, with the Covenant of Antarctica
3rd Place = Ryan, with the Covenant of Antarctica
Best Sport = Ryan, with the Covenant of Antarctica
Best Painted = Trent, with the Republic of France

Congratulations to all the participants! We had some memorable games, great conversations and many a Sturginium Flare and Magazine Explosion... Though tired, we're already looking forward to 2018!

Standings at the end of the second day...

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Episode 6 of On Minis Games is up!

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In this episode Quinton and I talk some more about playing Sharp Practice, and I reflect somewhat on my first game of Burrows and Badgers.

My British try to defend the farmhouse against Prussian 

Burrows and Badgers, using miniatures from Splintered Light...

We also discuss putting together some terrain from 4Ground and Spartan Scenics. 

Spartan Scenics 28mm scale sci-fi terrain...

4Ground building, from their 28mm fantasy range...

We spend some significant time rambling across a variety of Kickstarters and games, including the steampunk game Dystopian Wars, the science fiction skirmish game Infinity, ancients mass battle system Sword and Spear, and post-apocalyptic skirmish game This is Not a Test.

In addition to looking at what we have been playing, doing and looking to play, we talk about new and upcoming Kickstarters: Weta Workshop’s Heavy Hitters GKR, Atlantis Miniatures, Dystopian Wars, Compass Games Command and Colors Tricorne, and Star Eagles from Ganesha. 

In among our general rambling, there is also some discussion on the new release of Shadow Wars: Armageddon and ShadowSpire from Games Workshop, Travel Battle from Perry Miniatures and some good old nostalgia about Full Thrust…