Saturday, 12 January 2013

Science and Technology Podcasts

Science and Technology Podcasts:

The last of the three broad categories which fill up my podcast queue is science and technology.  This is really a rather loose descriptor, but will have to suffice for the sake of this post.

When I use the term ‘science’, readers might find that rather than covering a range of different scientific topics, most of the podcasts relate to astronomy, and that technology is relegated to a single show.  These are just the podcasts that I currently subscribe to, there are, of course, a great many more, and if there are any stand out exceptions, I’d love to read about them!

All in the Mind

All in the mind is a podcast covering a rather eclectic mix of topics to do with psychology and neuroscience.  The show is well presented, and each episode deals with a specific topic, such as shared memory, or the science of compassion.  All in the Mind is an enjoyable and interesting listen.

Dr Karl’s Great Moments in Science

A very brief podcast, with each episode featuring Dr Karl discussing some tidbit, whether from current scientific research or an important breakthrough or discovery in the history of science.  It’s an extremely quick glance at each topic, but rather engaging nonetheless.

The Infinite Monkey Cage

The two hosts, Robin Ince and Brian Cox are usually joined by a panel of 3 others to discuss a topic.  The show manages to encapsulate a lively, interesting and humourous discussion within a relatively short time-frame.  The Infinite Monkey Cage is recorded in series, and episodes are highly enjoyable.  This is probably one of my favourite podcasts, not just of this category, but of all the podcasts I listen to.  It manages to maintain both a humourous approach to discussion, as well as covering some fascinating areas for discussion.  Brian and Robin work well together to provide a witty and intelligent banter, and their guests are a mix of experts and comedians/non-experts, and the mix works very well.

A thoroughly excellent show; not for those who avidly follow their star sign, or suspect their might be fairies at the bottom of their garden, but a wonderful podcast.

Planetary Radio

A podcast hosted by Matt Caplan of the Planetary Society.  Planetary Radio discusses the news and goings on in the world of space exploration, with a variety of segments from other members of the Planetary Society.  It’s an interesting, and each episode is a light and enjoyable listen.

StarStuff with Stuart Gary

Probably my favourite podcast that relates to astronomy, and I’ve listened to a few.  Stuart manages to cover the news of what’s going on in space exploration and astronomy mixing a good deal of information into a digestible and enjoyable package.  All in all it’s a fantastic show for those with an interest in the world of space exploration or the scientific discoveries that relate to our universe.  Well recommended.

StarTalk Radio Show

StarTalk Radio is the question time section of the StarTalk radio show with Neil deGrasse Tyson.  This show is both about the information it presents, and the personality of it’s main host - Neil deGrasse Tyson.  Neil manages to cover his topics extremely well, with a good dose of humour and flair.  Highly enjoyable.

This Week in Tech

This Week in Tech, with Leo LaPorte and a variety of guest panelists, is a podcast covering all the news of the tech world, from start ups to the big companies.  The discussion is lively and enjoyable.  The mixture of expert panelists makes for some interesting discussion, insights and analysis of the goings-on in the world of technology.  It’s a longer show, but nonetheless, very enjoyable to listen to.

So these are the main podcasts I listen to that fit beneath the banner of science and technology, they are certainly not the only podcasts, or even the best, but they are the ones I subscribe to at the moment.

One of the topics I’d love to find a podcast covering is the world of paleontology, search as I might I can’t seem to find anything that covers this area.  If anyone knows of such a show - I’d love to hear about it!


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