Wednesday, 2 January 2013


December was meant to be a bumper month for Castle by Moonlight, I was quickly off the starting blocks with a couple of posts, with the full intentions of continuing the run, and then life intervened.  It was a wonderful end to 2012, plenty of family, friends and food - all the things that characterise a good time.

With the possibilities of a big blogging December now well and truly passed, I’ll start out on a project I’ve been meaning to begin for some time.  Many blogs have a blog roll, a set of links to those blogs they like, their friends, things that interest them and so forth.  A couple of episodes ago on a podcast called Boardgames to Go, Mark and Jeff were discussing board game blogs, one of the discussion points made me stop and think.  Jeff, of the GameGuyThinks blog mentioned the idea of adding a ‘resources’ page to his blog - a place where various miscellany of interest could be placed for permanent reference, something potentially useful to perusers of his blog.  It was a great idea, and something I’d love to do - a write-up of the blogs, podcasts, game stores, publishers and additional things I like or find interesting.  If I appreciate a podcast or blog, the service of a particular favourite store, or the games of a publisher or two, I’d like to be able to show that appreciation in some small way, and a link with a little more than a single line of underlined blue text seems an appropriate way of doing things for a blog.

This is likely to be an ongoing project, I want to be able to have a short write-up and link for a variety of things, for blogs I read and enjoy, for podcasts I like listening to, for publishers, miniatures manufacturers, game stores and so on I have good experiences with.  I plan it to be something like an extended blog-roll, and perhaps the readers of this blog might occasionally find something of interest there too.  We shall see...


Oh - and a Happy New Years to all - though significantly lacking in Mayan apocalypses, 2013 still looks to be another wonderful year!

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