Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Lifting the Veil...

A couple of days ago I posted about getting a majority of my Infinity Red Veil set assembled. As of today I can happily say they are all done! In a wild fit of productivity I managed to get more models together in the last few days than I have all year, huzzah!

The last lot to go together were the Haqqislam models, and I have to say that they look really nice. I was vacillating over whether to get a second faction, and if so, what it would be. But after getting a copy of Red Veil, I am extremely pleased to have these in my collection. The models are really dynamic, capturing great movement and action in their poses, as well as having a thoroughly excellent aesthetic. Very nice Corvus Belli!

Additionally, I managed to put together two Tigers for my Yu Jing force, officially assembling all of my current models for Infinity... (I say current because, well, I am a wargamer).