Sunday, 9 October 2016

Constructing the Red Veil...

Since I have had a couple of nights free, I decided to finally put together the new two-player set for Infinity, Operation: Red Veil (well, I haven't exactly put together all of it yet).

With a set of quick start rules, some card terrain, and a collection of Yu Jing and Haqqislam miniatures, it is excellent value whether you're getting into the game, or interested in getting some more miniatures. While I have a Yu Jing force, and wanted the miniatures to extend that, I was also wanting to get a reasonable starting force for a second faction so I could play against friends who didn't have one of their own. The Haqqislam minis look great, and I'm very happy to have them in the collection... I may even be forced to extend them at some point.

I had forgotten quite how fiddly some of the miniatures can be to put together, and while most went rather easily (thanks in part to Netflix and Luke Cage), the Yu Jing Hsien model particularly gave me trouble. Don't get me wrong, the miniatures are well cast, relatively clean, everything fits together nicely... it's just that the Hsien wasn't in a co-operative mood.

All that said, the miniatures are stunning, with great movement, aesthetic design and high quality casting, they look great once assembled.

This guy... Every time I added something, something else fell off. He nearly earned himself a high-velocity trip to the stratosphere... but thankfully, cooler heads prevailed.

I still have the Haqqislam models to assemble, but I'll hopefully get those done soon.

Now I've written about the miniatures, it's time to take a quick look at the terrain. Billed as easy fold buildings Corvus Belli were kind enough to include some detailed instructions, which were essentially: Step One: Assemble the Building. Step Two: Done.

Luckily they are not over difficult to fold up, although my paper-craft skills are somewhat rusty.

I warmed up by folding an Origami Crane, nothing can go wrong now...
 I am really impressed with a couple of things, firstly, that the terrain set comes with so many pieces, the buildings can stack, and it looks really nice. Secondly, the buildings are designed to fit the boxes the miniatures are sold in inside them, which adds stability. Clever, and it works well.

The terrain looks very nice, I am very impressed, but also filled with a relentless sense of despair that I threw out many of the miniature boxes I had accrued. C'est la vie...

Wargamer Irony: I managed to pack away the Operation Red Veil box into those other boxes that are about 5 times larger. I celebrated by announcing to my wife that I had finally got rid of the box that had been hanging around...


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    1. Thanks Piotr! I also managed to get my Haqqislam assembled... I'll post them at some point soon, very nice models.