Friday, 3 June 2016

Yu Jing... Assemble!

Last month I wrote about starting to assemble my Infinity models, some of which seem designed to test the limits of material science, glue strength and gravity, but which are, nonetheless, rather nice looking.

With a day at home due to a general feeling that my insides were trying to collapse in on themselves like micro-black holes, I decided to put some time into assembling the remainder of my Yu Jing force. Here are the results:

Wu Ming Assault Corps, relatively easy to assemble once I had worked out which arms belonged to which bodies...

Shaolin Warrior Monks, not bad to assemble, though the separate heads and swirling robe fronts were a pain initially, again until I had worked out which go where.

Celestial Guard, easy to assemble, very nice looking minis.

Su Jian Immediate Action Unit - the remote style version was easy enough to assemble, however...

The walking version was a real pain. Initially when I put it together it went reasonably fine, but I hadn't noticed the the leg in contact with the ground was bent slightly at the knee, which gave the whole miniature a dangerously unbalanced look. As if it was reeling out of control.

Perhaps I could place an explosion of some sort beneath the raised right leg, still, it doesn't look right and I wasn't happy with it.
Yan Huo Invincible, these models I absolutely love - they look fantastic and went together very easily despite their many pieces and smallish contact points. Very nice!
Another Yan Huo Invincible, this one with a giant rail gun. Again, despite the small contact point and sizable gun this went together easily and all the contact points fit very snugly. Plus it looks awesome. 
Two Yan Huo Invincibles and Druze Mercenary

So I really wasn't happy with this guy looking so off kilter. I decided to make it look like he was jumping or kicking off something, originally I considered using cork, but didn't think it would be firm enough to form the kind of bond required between model and base, especially since the single foot is the only contact point. In the end I used a piece of quartz from the garden, I am rather happy with the result, I think it looks quite dynamic, and suits the model well.

With such a small contact point I probably went overboard with my use of adhesives. To start with I used an epoxy resin while the model was propped into place. After this had dried I added some super glue around the foot.

My full Yu Jing force so far...

I suppose now the models are assembled I'll need to start putting some paint on them... 


  1. A promising unit. :) My Infinity PanO still sits in the box but you motivated me :)

    1. Thanks Piotr! They are great models, a bit of flash, so trimming and filing required. But the newer stuff particularly goes together magnificently!

    2. Yep, I cannot wait to see your force painted :)

    3. Ha! If the other minis games I collect are anything to go by, you may be waiting a little while! :D