Friday, 17 June 2016

Yu Jing Army...

I am adding this blog post here purely as a reference point. I sat down to put together an army list recently, and realised I had managed to forget what a vast majority of the various miniatures in my Yu Jing force are. Being the clever forward planner that I am, I had also thrown out all the packaging, which includes lovely labels for everything, meaning I had no point of reference but to scroll through various online retailers until I found pictures of all the boxes.

There are few times in a person's life when the inexorable march of time passes and each beating moment is felt keenly, like a blow, another minute gone; such a visceral experience was had tonight in the above described activity.

What follows here is a simple series of images showing the various boxes that make up my Yu Jing force. I post it in the full knowledge that I will forget the names of all these miniatures again. To prevent me ever having to go through the laborious first world torture of scrolling through google images again I plant this flag here:

On the upside, the magnets seem to be working well. In some cases too well I think...

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