Monday, 21 May 2012

Miniature bases...

A couple of posts ago I was in a quandary: attempting to fill the bases of my Splintered Light miniatures to give a natural look, and to conceal the little moulded bases they come with.  The dichotomy of choice I faced was whether to use a wall poly-filler, or whether to use air-dry clay.  Both had their advantages – clay was easier and quicker to get on, while the filler dried harder and was better to cut and chisel afterwards.  They both also had their disadvantages: the filler was harder to put on, and I was concerned the clay would just break away from the base. 

Sadly and happily I was right, the clay did just break away from the bases – making it next to useless.  This was sad because it had seemed the easier option, and not being desirous of too much work I was thrilled with that.  That the clay failed so dismally turned out to be a happy occurrence however for one key reason: and that key reason came in the shape of a little artist’s trowel.  The little trowel of mine turned out to make the process of getting the filler onto the base (and in the right places) a very easy and quick process.  In all it took about 30-40 minutes to fill in the bases of all my minis – about 20 or so.  I also used the end of a wooden skewer to flick any extra bits out of the way and to roll the edges of the filler where they met the miniature’s moulded base.

All in all I am very happy with the result, the bases are uneven, with little bumps and ridges and so forth, but this is exactly how I had hoped they might look.  In all honesty – it’s probably a level of detail that will get erased as I add grass and other bits to them – but hey – I’m happy – and it’s been an interesting process.

My last act, before dusting my hands off contentedly, was to add a few little rocks here and there while the filler was wet – other thematic detritus I’ll add after the painting process has been completed.  Voila! Done.  Now all I need to do is undercoat, paint and base the miniatures and they’ll be ready for whatever anthropomorphic conflict I can throw at them.


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