Friday, 25 May 2012

Bruno Faidutti's Website

Over at Bruno Faidutti's wonderful website he has commented that he is looking to close his website and start a blog.

Bruno, in all his glory (from

Bruno's Website:
This website was originally designed like a small game encyclopaedia, and this concept has become largely obsolete, for at least two reasons. First, there are more and more new board and card games every year, and I play fewer of them every year, which makes the ideal game library much less relevant. Second, the internet also has changed, and encyclopaedias are now collective stuff. There is more even about my own games on the Boardgamegeek than on my own website. 
This is why, in a few weeks, I plan to shut down this website and replace it with a more modest, more standard, but also more actual blog, with only short descriptions of my games and the occasional op-ed, not necessarily always about games.
Well, this won't happen at once. I must first learn to use Wordpress, and this will probably take one or two weeks. My first blogpost, however, will certainly be about the ludopathic gathering.
Of course it is completely Bruno's choice as to what he does - and I'll read his writing whether it be on his website, a blog or even just scrawled crayon on lolly wrappers.

However, I've always considered Bruno's website to be something different than what he describes as being a small 'encyclopaedia of games'.  Bruno, as a game designer, a passionate game player and a vocal member of the game community (for far longer than many) has a strong and personality rich voice.

Yes, Bruno's website is a wonderful online resource, but more importantly, he reviews games with an idiosyncratic set of tastes and a way of anatomising why a game hits or misses the mark that is all his own.  I may not always like the same games as he (more often than not I do), but it has been through his website that I have had the opportunity to encounter many great games.  His reviews are candid and often manage to highlight wonderful games that all too often fly under the radar or disappear in the haze of new releases.

Some of my favourite and most well-played games have been purchased based on his reviews of them, including Fairy Tale, Neuroshima Hex, Manila, Condottiere, Midgard and others (and all of these I regard as games that would have passed me by had his voice not convinced me to give them a look).

I won't sign a petition asking Bruno to maintain it, if he is ready to move on and wants to do so, I wish him all the best (and look forward to adding his blog feed to my reader).  So here instead is a simple short note; a comment on what a wonderful site is.  Most certainly more than a small encyclopaedia - it has personality as well.



  1. Great comments on a great designer and his site. I too have used his reviews and comments to guide my game purchases. I agree that with the constant flow of community involvement on sites like the geek, there might be more information available there. However, I like the 'obsolete' idea of going to one place for all of a designer's ramblings. I'm sure the blog will do just that.
    By the way, I'm enjoying your posts. Good stuff!

  2. Thanks Jeremy! Glad someone is reading! :D

    Bruno has a voice that is individual and distinct - I'll certainly sign up to follow any blog he writes!

    I agree - while the geek might have more information it is difficult, because of the sheer quantity of information, to follow the one or two voices that are distinct -and to follow them across the topics they choose to write about. A blog or website is an easier way to organise information that is the product of one author in my opinion.

    Thanks for commenting!


  3. Yeah I have to agree Giles. I've only really had time to look at two board game related websites and after BGG it was Bruno's.

    Hopefully an archived option will be taken up so all that great content is not lost to history.

    But he has earned the right to do what he wishes in the future - he owes nothing to the community...indeed it is we that should be thanking him.


  4. Yep - I agree Neil, a great website!

    I'd also certainly be interested to see what Bruno chooses to blog about - we're all multi-dimensional, and writing solely about games can feel (for me at least) somewhat limiting.