Thursday, 29 March 2012

Games Day Preamble...

Our school Games Day (with capital letters if you so please) is coming up.  It is tomorrow to be precise.  

Our Games Days are built around a couple of core ideas:

  • That it provides the students of the school with the opportunity to play social and engaging board games (something many have not before).  
  • That it is student led - that is that a group of students we call the Games Ambassadors are the teachers for the day - they run the other children through the games they’ll play, manage their tables and groups and generally lead.  
  • And that families may come and play games as well - connecting to the broader school community is important.

This last two weeks have been furiously busy - with nearly every lunch time devoted to providing an opportunity for the Games Ambassadors to learn new games.  If you’ve followed my class twitter feed (or mine for that matter - @Pritchard_class and @caradocp respectively), you will have seen a small deluge of twitpics of games being played.  Today we had a line-up of Memoir 44, Make ‘N’ Break, Backseat Drawing, Downfall of Pompeii, Blokus 3D, Enchanted Forest, and many more... it was a lot of fun.

It’s a real joy to be involved with this process - the Games Ambassadors have done a magnificent job.  

Do I expect all the games to be taught accurately (there are over 150 different games)? - No.  But I do hope the the 400+ students and families that spend time at our Games Day tomorrow will walk away having enjoyed themselves engaging in social, and most of all fun games!

I’ll blog again about how it all went later in the week...



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