Sunday, 27 August 2017

Fireforge Miniatures...

Not too many posts ago I wrote about assembling a few boxes of Perry Miniatures to form the basis of a Kings of War force. I also bought a set of boxes from Fireforge Miniatures, the Teutonic Starter Army for their game Deus Vult specifically.

I haven't played Deus Vult, but their miniatures will fill the void in my Kingdoms of Man army for Kings of War. I haven't assembled everything yet, but I have assembled enough to gain an appreciation for the miniatures.

Overall so far I've put together several bases of foot soldiers, several of spear men, and several cavalry. The models are nice, cleanly sculpted and easy to put together. The sprues contain a good variety of options, particularly in terms of how the figures are armed. The Foot Sergeants box, for example, provides options to arm the figures with cross bows, spears or hand weapons and shields. The cavalry from the Mounted Sergeants box can be armed with lances or with hand weapons.

The overall quality to the sculpts is good, the figures are slightly chunky when compared to the stuff from Perry, but they look good together and based up.

A horde of Spear

The horses were easy to assemble and look nice.

Having run short of super glue, I was forced to base these with white glue instead. This turned out to be lucky in the end, because I put them on the wrong sized bases - prying the figures off was relatively painless due to the white glue.

Yes, in many circles it is a cardinal sin to glue the figures to the horses before painting them. But I am realistic about my chances of getting these painted, and being able to field them is the bigger priority.

I might do a comparison of the Fireforge and the Perry stuff in a later post, but my general thoughts are that these are nice quality figures that are well priced and easy to assemble. They also offer a good range of options for equipping and arming the models.

The aesthetic is slightly chunky, and this may be something that does or does not appeal to different people, I think they look good on the bases. I'm pleased that while I still have a few boxes to put together, I can finally field a force on the table. Hopefully they'll see action soon!

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