Sunday, 17 July 2016

Preparing for Infinity...

At my local club we have just kicked off a slow-grow league, playing Infinity. It's a great opportunity to get everyone at the club who's keen to learn the rules and develop their skills together. The first night of the league we had a fantastic turn-out, with 12 players turning up to take part. 

In the build up to the league I have tried to read through the rules (failed), and prepare all the bits and pieces required to play. One of my mates gave me a bunch of laser cut tokens to use, so I had to get some colour into them to make them readable on the table. I tried a variety of ways of getting the colour into the laser etching, including ink (failed), crayon (not bad), and pastel (worked well, but was messy). This was a trial and error process, but in the end I ran with using pastel rubbed over the etching with some force to apply the colour. There was a fair amount of cleaning involved, but the end result was better than any of the other systems I had tried, so I'm happy with that.

Sorting the tokens into types...

Adding some green ink with a paint brush...

Then adding the red ink...

In front of the fire in the hope the ink will dry...

It didn't dry, and when I later stacked the tokens the ink bled out all over the place. Damn capillary action!

Ink - Crayon - Pastel. Some testing to see what stands out. I was happiest with the pastel.

Washing the tokens again to remove the ink.

Sorting everything again... (Infinity has a lot of effects!)

Slowly adding the pastel through the tokens...

I am thinking of spraying the back of the tokens a white or black to help them stand out even more. We shall see.

I got some templates and silhouette markers from Jackal Designs, very nice!

All the scenarios that will be played throughout the league come from this excellent little system!

Game one for me was to pit my Yu Jing against some PanO... My Domaru was the MVP of the game, devastating a flank and allowing my Zhanshi to take and hold the central objective.
Game two, my Yu Jing came up against the Morat. Again, my Domaru was MVP. Taking the first turn, he single handedly wiped the enemy off the board.
Several blasts from a boarding shot-gun and the entire enemy force was no more. I have to admit I was rolling lucky, while my opponent was equally unlucky, but it was pretty brutal. The enemy had lost every model after the first order of the second turn... I suppose that can happen in a small points game.
One of the other tables... 
The slow-grow has kicked off with great attendance and some excellent games. I was nothing but lucky this week, and with small 100 point forces this made a big difference. Next week we'll be playing 150 points, and as the league develops and the points values of the forces grow, it should be very interesting!

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  1. An interesting ups and downs journey with the tokens :) but the tables look grand :)