Wednesday, 4 May 2016

The Inverse Genius Podcast

Many moons ago now I found and started listening to a podcast called The Dice Tower. From there I voraciously downloaded and listened to a whole menagerie of podcasts. In the beginning it was all game related, later it spun out to include podcasts with a focus on science and history and other areas.

In these early, heady days of discovery, when the world of podcasting was opening up before me like some wonderful lotus in a garden of wonder, I ran across a podcast called On Board Games. The hosts of the show at the time were Erik Dewey, Donald Dennis, and Scott Nicholson, and I thoroughly enjoyed the show.

Time passed, and my passive enjoyment of podcasts turned slowly more active. I contributed to The Dice Tower, and On Board Games, recorded a short series of episodes titled Teaching Strategies with Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower, and co-hosted the Games and Schools and Libraries podcast with Donald Dennis. I also co-host the Element 270 podcast with Peter Fontebasso and Reese Plank.

Recently the fantastic people at the On Board Games podcast have been branching out, and have just started a new podcast called Inverse Genius, which is a general geekery podcast covering a range of topics from books to movies, Netflix series and more. I recently had the pleasure of jumping on the microphone again with Don, and we recorded a couple of segments that will be featuring in upcoming episodes of the Inverse Genius podcast, in these we talk about the Netflix series Jessica Jones and Daredevil Series 1. Of course, we have plans to record more, and about a range of other topics.

The hosts of the various segments will be familiar to people who enjoy a range of board game podcasts, and it really is a lot of fun to listen to them chat about things beyond the realm of gaming.

If you're a fan of podcasts, and are after something that covers a range of topics from books to movies, tv series and more, the Inverse Genius podcast is worth checking out (and yes, I am biased)!

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