Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The case for Battlefoam...

For my birthday my dear wife ordered me a Battlefoam case to house the mounting piles of miniatures that are threatening to engulf various spots around the house.  When you take the time to purchase, prep and paint a bunch of stuff, it becomes clear that you also want it well kept, and letting a dozen large painted ships knock about inside an ordinary cardboard box is not the way forward.

I looked around online for various storage solutions that would fit the need, KR Cases and Battlefoam seemed the front runners, and in the end I opted for a Battlefoam Spartan Games case.

The case comes with three trays, two around 1" deep and one 2" deep, the 1" trays are suitable for pretty much all my minis, although the handful of large ships fit perfectly in the deeper tray.

The case itself has some nice firm inserts reinforcing the sides and bottom, and also has plenty of pockets - fitting turning templates, cards, dice, the rules, and a tape measure.  It also has a velcro strip on the front, and comes with the logos for Spartan Games three flagship games - Dystopian Wars, Firestorm Armada and Uncharted Seas - which fix nicely to the velcro.

It took me several hours with a hobby knife, and a headaches over what should fit where, but I finally settled on an arrangement that should suit my ever growing collection of Dystopian stuff.

All in all I'm really happy with how everything fits in.  I chose to grab the pluck foam trays, and a little work with a blade allowed to fit everything I have rather neatly.  As is evident, I still have a good quantity of minis requiring paint - hopefully they won't languish too long!

In summary - the Battlefoam case is fantastic - easy to arrange and organise, and fits everything nicely.  At least now my minis won't be knocking the paint off each other!


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