Sunday, 18 August 2013

Dropzone Commander

I'm sitting here drumming up the fortitude to tackle the painting of another Epicurus Sky Fortress for my Dystopian Wars army.  Of course - like many gamers - I have what could only be described as a similar affliction for new and shiny things as a crow does.  And so, even while I have an ever growing pile of ships and aircraft and ground vehicles for Dystopian Wars, my ever wandering eyes are attracted by the new and shiny glinting of many an other game.

Dropzone Commander was a game that I originally investigated when my brother and I were looking for a game to collect.  The game itself sounded like a lot of fun, the ever changing array of objectives and the focus on movement, deployment and redeployment through drop ships sounded like a dynamic and interesting concept behind the mechanisms of game play.  It helped the miniatures also looked fantastic.  Eventually we stuck upon Dystopian Wars, but my interterest in Dropzone Commander, while waned, was still there, like an ember waiting for the right breeze to encourage it.

Hawk Wargames, who publish and produce Dropzone Commander have recently announced a new starter box set, and I am impressed.  It includes two starter armies (and a good size they are too), as well as rules, tokens, dice, a measuring tape, some city-scape posters and ten card-fold skyscrapers to flesh out the table.  The city scape, replete with buildings is integral to how Dropzone Commander works, and to get a collection of skyscrapers and whatnot in the starter box - so you can literally begin play with the miniatures and terrain to make the game shine, well, all I can say is bravo Hawk Wargames.

I have to say that this is really tempting... I already have a bunch of Dystopian Wars stuff, some Song of Blades and Heroes warbands, some Song of Arthur and Merlin warbands, and a small collection of other rule sets and miniatures - most of which still require paint and all of which require a better storage solution... but that boxed starter set is oh so shiny...

Here are some shots from the Hawk Wargames website of what I think looks like a spectacularly excellent way to leap into the game:

One of the things that turned me away from Dropzone Commander originally was the price, but this starter set is 65 Pounds, which should still translate into a very reasonable sum of Australian dollars.  Amazing value if you ask me!

Oh Hawk Wargames... why!



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