Thursday, 6 June 2013

Saxon Real Estate...

One of the things my tub of terrain is missing relates directly to architecture - I have no buildings of any sort.  Now, I'm not adverse to placing an old coffee cup on the table and calling it a wizards tower, but when I've gone to the effort of making everything else look ok, the buildings should too.

Enter 4Ground, a company that makes laser cut terrain kits of all sorts.  I have to say straight up, that they are easy to put together and look great.

In any case - here's a small collection of photographs to give you an idea of how they come together:

The buildings I got where the Saxon/Late Medieval Dwelling (15mm scale), and the Anglo Danish Dwelling (15mm)

The pieces punch easily from the sprues.

PVA throughout... The doors can be removed and glued in ajar, or  attached some other way.

The exterior panelling is prepainted, and looks rather good too I think.

Looking good...

This step made me most nervous.  Using an old toothbrush I ran the bristles down the pitch of the roof smearing in the PVA.  This makes the felt harder and stay better (I imagine), but also makes the hairs look like they are coming down the pitch of the roof.

Two buildings in about 20 minutes.  Both looking great in my opinion.

For scale.  The miniature on the far left is a 10mm Saxon, the Otter in the center is from the 18/20mm Splintered Light Range, and the rat at the end a 28mm Reaper miniature (I think it's Reaper).  The buildings are ideal for 15-20mm scale figures, but work well enough for any of those scales I think.

Well that's that.  The houses look great in my opinion.  The came together very easily, are cheap, sturdy, the roof of each can be removed if the players so decide, oh, and they look very nice.  I'm hoping 4Ground do a Saxon Church in 15mm at some stage, but for now these will fill whatever real estate requirements I need.

I should add, these will find use in Song of Blades and Heroes, Song of Arthur and Merlin, and hopefully at some stage in Dux Britanniarum, and Dux Bellorum.



  1. I'm a big fan of 4Ground buildings although I haven't yet tried any of their Dark Ages range - I've been concentrating on 15mm and 28mm WW2 and 28mm Western buildings myself. Nicely done BTW!

  2. I happened to see them on an online store, and I was surprised at how well priced they are. I'm really hoping they expand their Dark Age range - a church or tower would be fantastic.