Saturday, 29 September 2012

Forests and Fences

Last time I blogged I wrote about the Splintered Light miniatures I had started painting for Song of Blades and Heroes.  Between last blog and today, while I haven't been blogging, I haven't been idle either.  Aside from paving an area here at the Castle and generally seeing to the grounds, I've also managed to paint a couple more figures and make some terrain to decorate the battlefield.

All in all I'm very happy with how it's all turning out.  Here's a quick run down on what I've managed so far.

I already had a handful of model trees from years ago when I played DBA, but being rather top heavy, they tended to fall over whenever anybody within 20 meters sneezed.  As well as stability I also wanted to provide some base for the trees to sit on, but not something with the trees stuck to them - I want to be able to remove the trees for storage, and if done right I could also use the base without the trees for rough ground or similar.  I bought a pack of washers and glued them to the tree bases, as well as a couple of rectangular drinks coasters - cheap and thin MDF board, but perfectly strong enough for the purpose.  Using wall filler I created a texture on the surface of the coasters, and cut out the spaces where the trees would eventually fit.  I also added some rocks for general effect (nicked from our garden no less).

Once the wall filler had dried I painted it thinly with watered down PVA glue, and then applied sand in different clumps to provide an additional texture.

In the background you can see some stone fences I also made - these were constructed from icy-pole sticks with small rocks glued layer on layer, and then sand added to the base.

Once done I undercoated them all.  I used black for the fences, and white for the forest and tree bases (white because I wanted them to match with the bases of the miniatures I have already painted).

Once done and dried the painting could begin.  The fences were easy, several layers of gray, from a dark gray to a lighter gray were dry brushed onto the surface, in successively lighter coats.  I then added clumps of the foliage one uses for model trees in spots to create a mossy/overgrown look.

The forest and tree bases were done in a similar fashion, several coats of a dark brown, followed by two layers of lighter browns, and finally a very light dry brushing using a skin tone.  The rocks were painted black and then given the same treatment as the fences, foliage included. To these I then added grass flock, and some grass clumps from the Army Painter company.

Here are the results:

And here with the figures I have painted so far:

So far I'm very happy with how they're turning out.  Now to get the rest of the figures done!



  1. These look awesome Giles! Great work mate. Figures are looking really nice too.

    Hope you are enjoying the school holidays!

  2. Thanks Ben! I'm really happy with how it's all turning out. Pictures of your figures on BGG are what inspired me to look into Splintered Light (and Song of Blades and Heroes) - so thank you for that!!

    Holidays have been busy, but fantastic (of course). I hoe you're enjoying yours! Your video for your Occulites game was good - can't wait to see the announcement!