Sunday, 10 June 2012

Podcasting, Games, Schools and Libraries

One of the reasons my blog has been a little slow this last two weeks (aside from the black pall that had been hanging over me in the form of reports) is that Donald Dennis (of On Board Games fame) and myself have been pushing to finalise some aspects of a new podcast we are recording together about, and aptly named: Games in Schools and Libraries.

The podcast mission statement is all about creating a show that highlights and discusses various aspects of games as they apply to schools and the local library.    We aim to cover board, card and digital games.

As the date of our official launch draws near (and we’ll likely be dropping several introductory episodes in quick succession before falling back to a more stately release schedule), we are in the throes of finishing off all those little odds and jobs that need doing.

Of course, as we get closer we’ll be making a more detailed and official announcement.  Still, until then it is editing, editing and more editing (we have a bank of episodes recorded).  More in the near future...

In the meantime, here are some shots of the games cupboards in my classroom:



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