Friday, 13 April 2012


All has been quiet on the blog this last week and a bit.  My lovely wife, my lad, and I packed our cases and headed away for visits with family.

We spent some time away from the screens and tones that burn so much energy throwing light and noise into our normal lives, and went camping.  There’s something delightfully relaxing to my mind about the combination of tent and fire.  It’s amazing to me that though I am normally excruciatingly slow to drag myself from the warmth and timelessness of the bed of a morning, the minute I’m living without walls, blinds and false light I manage to much better synchronise with the rhythms of the sun.  

It was a lovely break away from the normal cadences of our lives.  Fishing, boating, chasing the lad, relaxing by the fire, and enjoying too many fine ales.  The countryside was nice and the weather for the most part was beautiful.

One of the grandest things was the clarity and brightness of the milky way dominating the arc of the sky; 200 billion points of light. It reminded me sorely that my telescope was back at home. Next time I must remember to take our small Newtonian reflector - it's doesn't pack much power, but the skies are clear and bright. The only potential concern would be me wandering off away from the campfire and spending too much time gazing upward.

Well, now we’re back, and very slowly managing to tidy our grounds of all the paraphernalia required for such a break away.

I would have blogged last night, but Don Dennis (of On Board Games fame) and myself have been investigating the potentials of new podcast concept (new for us at least).  So here we are instead.  A day later than I had anticipated, but I’m sure the one person who regularly reads the posts here will forgive me my laxity.

One hopes the next post will not be so long away...



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