Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Blogging with one hand tied up...

Well - since my last post and this one a couple of weeks have passed.  It's not that I'm letting this blog die a painful and slow death - far from it.  I have broken one of the metacarpals in my hand - so typing with one hand is a painfully slow experience for someone with a mild and self-diagnosed hyperactivity disorder.

Before I have to respond with too many individual posts explaining and re-explaining what happened I'll simply say it here - I was racing my wife to the bathroom (a perfectly normal thing), and in the course of events I did a backwards army roll (also perfectly normal), my hand clipping some sundry and ill-placed item of furniture.  Thus was it broken.

I had an interesting couple of days all told - the next morning (my lovely wife's birthday) I was moving around a nectarine tree I had bought her and stabbed myself in the face with one of the branches - with a swollen lip, hand and blood on my face I told her I'd got in a fight in the carpark at the plant nursery.  She didn't believe me of course - as if I would be injured in a petty carpark altercation! A swift blow from my sabre would have resulted in an immediate end to any such nonsense.

In any case - this is the key reason why this blog has been a little slow the last little while.  I'll hopefully get the cast off in the next few weeks - and I'll thusly be able to return to blogging with some regularity.

Incidentally - We at the castle have been filling our time with games of Ticket to Ride on our phones (an enjoyable way to pass the time), as well as episodes of the BBC mini-series Sherlock, a superlative show I am very much enjoying.  But more about that in a future post perhaps.

In any case - I'll hopefully at least post some shorter blogs in the next couple of weeks...



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